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Helicopter Elk Surveying

The City is a year into its involvement with the Oregon Solutions Clatsop Plains Elk Project! Both the human-behavioral and elk-behavioral subcommittees are wrapping up their findings into final reports so the stakeholders can enter the active solution options phase of the project.

Conveniently, ODFW is also in the midst of their annual elk herd composition surveys. As the Oregon Solutions project can benefit from the most accurate herd numbers possible, ODFW will be surveying the elk herds throughout the OS Clatsop Plains project area via helicopter over the next couple of days.

The helicopters will stay high to avoid pushing the elk any given direction. However, we wanted you to be aware should you hear/see the helicopters and wonder what’s up. 52d5a77f5c13b.image1_

As always, remember you are invited to keep both the City and ODFW apprised of any elk encounters you experience, whether positive or negative. Here is a direct link to the wildlife reporting page.


Trail’s End Art Association and Gallery – Gearhart ArtWalk – Saturday, March 7th from 2:00pm to 5:00pm – featuring Liesa West

Trail’s End Art Association (TEAA) will have some March Madness of its own when a new show opens during the Gearhart ArtWalk on Saturday, March 7th.   This month our featured artist is Liesa West, an award-winning photographer.  Her show is entitled “Somewhere in Time.”   Other Trail’s End artists such as Kitty Paino, Michael Muldoon and Susan Bish will be showing their work as well.  The gallery opens at 11:00 followed in the afternoon with a reception from 2-5pm honoring West.  The gallery is located at 656 A St. in Gearhart one block south of Pacific Way.

After moving to the coast from Salem with her husband John, Liesa joined Trail’s End Art Association and Gallery in 2018.2020-01-28-13-43-10_wm

She has always had a passion for photography but has become more active in recent years after some issues with her voice. She has found photography to be a creative outlet for her, taking photos in nature, of pets, unique objects, and creating photo art, prints, and calendars.

FB_IMG_1545328563640Liesa is active on several Social Media sites. She is also a moderator and curator for Viewbug, and has won several awards and recognition for her achievements. You can find her under Photos by Liesa, and also

FB_IMG_1575454861486This is Liesa’s second featured show at Trail’s End. She will also have one at Grace Episcopal Church in Astoria October 15th-November 19th. Her hope is that everyone can experience a little of her passion through her photography, & photo art.  She can be found under Photos by Liesa, and also


Trail’s End has evolved since 1908 from schoolhouse to an arts center in 1952. One classroom was converted into a brightly-lit gallery with new shows featuring association artists each month.  Our foyer has a lovely updated look and holds treasures of all sorts, gift cards and note cards, prints and paintings.  The classroom still serves our members for classes and workshops taught by members and well-known artists mostly during the summer. Members also make use of the room as an open studio with different media and purpose scheduled for nearly each day of the week..  A Kids’ Kamp in July and a judged show in August are popular events during the year.  For further information, please visit our website, or call 503-717-9458 during winter hours of 11:00-3:00 Wednesday through Sunday.