City of Gearhart

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Town Hall Meeting -Fire Station Replacement

Town Hall Meeting

Tuesday, March 14th 6:30 p.m.

Gearhart Volunteer Fire Station

Purpose: To discuss the need, cost, locations available for a new fire station in Gearhart.

Attendees and panel:

Gearhart Fire Department Committee Members:

  • Jay Speakman, Chairperson
  • Carolyn Anderson
  • Grace Bruseth
  • Marilyn Gilbaugh
  • Gary Gillam
  • Will Leroux
  • Lori Lum
  • Jeanne and Wilson Mark
  • Tom Thies

Consultants to the committee:

  • Tom Horning; Geologist
  • Bill Eddy; Gearhart Fire Chief
  • John Baum; Gearhart Assistant Fire Chief
  • Sue Lorain; Gearhart City Council Liaison
  • Chad Sweet; Gerhart City Administrator